About us…

Mescal is born in 1993 with the intent of producing and safeguarding emerging musicians and noteworthy projects that are very often neglected or even worse, ignored by the official record industry. In these years the structure has evolved itself up to the point of guaranteeing a privileged treatment to the artist, in order to safeguarding him at 360 degrees. Not only the label, born in 1997, but also the management and booking/live office for producing concerts and events of which we like to remember the incomparable travelling Festival “Tora! Tora!”. In 2005 Mescal has set a record until now unequalled in Italy for an independent label to have simultaneously two records in the first 12 of the Fimi/Nielsen sales Ranking (Ballate per piccole iene/Afterhours + Appunti Partigiani/MCR). In 17 years of record industry activity more than 100 albums have been published with Mescal label, besides books and DVDs.

Mescal, Record Industry Label and Management, is based in Nizza Monferrato (AT); the Live office is in Milan: head of Mescal is Dr. Valerio Soave.

The artists with which at the moment we cooperate are:

Casa del Vento / Davide Boosta Dileo / Fabio Cinti / LeLe Battista / Lory Muratti / Luca Morino / Nadia & The Rabbits / Perturbazione / Riccardo Sinigallia / Versus / Viola (Violante Placido)


In the years we have worked with (amongst others):

Arisa / Afterhours / Bluvertigo / Carmen Consoli / Cesare Basile / Cisco / Cristina Donà / Diva Scarlet / Elizabeth / Estra / Fiamma Fumana / Fratelli di Soledad / Garbo / La Crus / Ligabue / Lombroso / Lotus / Mambassa / Mao / Marco Parente / Massimo Volume / Massimo Ice Ghiacci / Mau Mau / Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi / Megahertz / Modena City Ramblers / Morgan / Motel Connection / Skiantos / Soerba / Subsonica / Tilt / Zibba and Almalibre / Yo Yo Mundi


On the Live front we have cooperated with Ron and are cooperating with Bluvertigo / Deproducers / Linea 77 / Massimo Bubola / Monaci del Surf