Photographs by: Fabio Lovino e Alfredo Buonanno

Genre: Singer song Writing

Last Record: Per Tutti (Sugar / 2014)




Born in  Rome the 4th of March 1970, he writes songs since the age of 12.

Between 1988 and 1994 he moulds his passion with his first band, 6 suoi ex before celebrating a long cooperation with Niccoló Fabi, (with which he signs amongst others “Dica”, “Capelli”, “Rosso”, “Vento d’Estate”, “Lasciarsi un giorno a Roma” producing and arranging the first 2 albums “Il giardiniere” e “Niccoló Fabi”). Coproduction with Max Gazzè (“La favola di Adamo ed Eva”) and cooperation with Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc follows (unforgettable their copy work that lead in the refrain of “Quelli che benpensano”). Alternating his passion for the movie camera with the recording room, he works at 360° with Tiromancino; in “La descrizione di un attimo” he signs with the group the production and all the songs including “Due destini” (“Le fate ignoranti”) and “Strade” (with Tiromancino in Sanremo 2000). Still in 2000 he writes and produces “Medicina buona” for Comitiva, group in which figure Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc, Elisa, Ice One, Francesco Zampaglione, David Nerattini and Franco Califano (died on the 30th March 2013) and the following year publishes his first solo work – “Riccardo Sinigallia” – that is often inserted by the specialized critics in the ranks of the best Italian records of these years. After three years “Incontri a metà strada“ follows; the album with which he manages to create his own space in the songwriting panorama.

Partner of Luca Carboni - in 2008 – in “Musiche Ribelli” (where the two play again some some of the Italian seventies song writing gems) since 2012 he is a vital part of Deproducers with which he publishes “Planetario”, music for space lectures (realized together with Max Casacci, Gianni Maroccolo, Vittorio Cosma, Howie B, Dodo Nkishi and Fabio Peri, the latter curator of the Planetario di Milano).

At the 64th edition of the Sanremo Festival he has presented “Prima di andare via” and “Una rigenerazione”, inserted in the brand new Per Tutti, published the 20th February 2014: the first with Sugar label. These new songs and his journey that has brought him up to here, will give life to concerts that will see him committed in what remains of 2014.

Recently, Riccardo Sinigallia with the Deproducers has realized two soundtracks: La Vita Oscenaof Renato De Maria andItaly In A Dayof Gabriele Salvatores, presented at the latest Festival del Cinema di Venezia; in the o.s.t. of Italy In A Day the single Just One Day is included, interpreted by Riccardo himself and awarded by Assomusica.


gennaio, 2018

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