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Genre: PoP Rock
Last Record: Musica X (Mescal / February 2014)

Tommaso Cerasuolo: voice
Elena Diana: cello
Gigi Giancursi: guitar and voice
Cristiano Lo Mele: guitar and keyboards
Rossano Lo Mele: drums
Alex Baracco: bass




Perturbazione is one of main Italian rock groups of our days. Born in Rivoli, at the outskirts of Torino, they have left a mark on national music thanks to a handful of albums of the most meaningful of the last decade. After the debut in 1998 (Waiting to Happen and 36) the passage to the Italian language has arrived and with it the album of the turning point: In circolo, one of the most relevant records of national contemporaneity. Considered by the monthly “Rolling Stone” as on the 100 ever best of the Italian music, In circolo has recently been republished in a new double and celebrative version per the decennial.

Canzoni allo specchio and Pianissimo Fortissimo complete a sort of trilogy of “training” and contribute to affirm the name of the band in the national panorama. In 2010 Del nostro tempo rubato arrives, the album linguistically more mature of the Piedmontese sextet.

Owners of a strong identity tied to the crossing between rock instrumentation (bass and electric  guitars, drums) and classical (cello, piano), as well as many parallel projects (Concerto per disegnatore e orchestra, Le città viste dal basso ecc.) Perturbazione embody by now more of a creative factory than a simple band. Recently Perturbazione have returned to Mescal that publishes at the end of May 2013 the new and sixth record of the group, produced by Max Casacci (Subsonica) and entitled Musica X; the band that knows how to masterfully mix the songwriter with pop, winking at the same time to electronic music, has recorded X new tracks, for a new path with very special guests (I Cani, Erica Mou and Luca Carboni) and fresh suggestions for an experience that will surely amaze even the most affectionate followers of the band.

To represent all this, the first single/video La Vita Davanti is a summer tour that has transported the band throughout Italy while organizing the autumn part, that started with a double step in Berlin and one in Brussels (17 / 18 / 19 October) where Perturbazione have presented live Musica X both as an album and as a new single. The Perturbazione with L’Unica and L’Italia vista dal bar, have participated the 64th edition of the Festival of Sanremo (from the 18th to the 22nd February 2014) / 4th ranked in the televoto both in the 1st and in the last evening – 6th in the general ranking – Award Critica Radio/Tv/Web of the Lucio Dalla Press Room / Award 100 Radio / Award Blog Macchia Nera assigned at the After Festival. After a long series of being television guests, after a presentation tour, after marathons, celebrations, radio phonic and school buskerates, good causes support and studio trials, Perturbazione are ready to get back on the van to deal with the season of festivals, concerts in fantastic natural settings, many jubilant people in squares… The aperitif of this long season has been carried out in Cagliari on the 31st May for Sardegna Chi_Ama, where the band has shared the stage with a very long series of artists gathered by Paolo  Fresu to help the population of Sardinia hit by the  floods of last November; the next concerts are quoted in the LIVE area of


january, 2018

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