Foto nel bosco realizzata da: PRISCILLA FOSCHI
Foto Nadia con cappello rabbit realizzata da: ANASTASIA ABRAMOVA

Genre: Oblique Folk
Last record: Noblesse Oblique (Mescal / January 2013)




Nadia von Jacobi is born in Munich, resides in Italy and lives… in the world.

Since the beginning, the artist has accustomed her audience to listen to her music in all languages while the passion for the seven notes and the search for freedom push Nadia to perform very young, escaping unharmed from the glorious floorboards of the Rolling Stones to the worst bars in the Galapagos until 2009, when the first fruit of this journey arrives: Song Fairy Tales, a self-produced and live recorded between London and Italy album. Here, some themes that constitute the essence of her thought, meet, like the tale, a rabbit-man that runs inside us and waits to meet his fellow creatures.

It is exactly in this period that she meets with a herd of Rabbits, that start following her, finding a way to present this new ensemble also in Vienna and in Germany, besides the places previously  mentioned, with various tours during which all the pop-folk ability of Nadia & The Rabbits is being put to focus.

It’s a decisive meeting that brings today the birth of an international project, where the experiences of Italian, German, Austrian, French, American, Japanese, Spanish and Korean musicians all converge committed in extrapolating, from 32 instruments, the best sounds, accompanying Nadia’s voice.

From the sound of their Oblique Folk Noblesse Oblique is born, realized with the co-production of LeLe Battista, recorded in Italy (Milano, Firenze, Rubiera and Cantù), in the USA (New Orleans), in Austria (Vienna), in Germany (Detmold), in UK (London) and published by Mescal the 29th January 2013 and helped by the video of the 1st single, Moongirl, presented in preview /exclusive on the site of XL.

After the publishing of the video/single of Dark Fairy, shot and presented as a preview in New Orleans, in a house/studio that has seen R.E.M., Bob Dylan and Nicolas Cage pass through, only to cite part of the guests that lived it, Nadia & The Rabbits left to follow Perturbazione in the first part of their tour, with mini live at concert openings more than appreciated by the bystanders, and very much appreciated was the concert introduction of Biagio Antonacci at the San Siro Stadium of Milan on the 31st May 2014, celebrated by the voice of Nadia with the German version of Se io, Se lei, in front of 50.000 people, to celebrate the event, the new single Treasures Away has been delivered to the radios also in the Italian version, Obliqua è la mia Nobiltà.


january, 2018

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