Genre: Urban / Rural
Last record: Vox Creola (reprint Mescal / 2013)




Luca Morino is a musician and active author since the early nineties.

With Mau Mau he has produced numerous albums in studio recorded in Italy and mixed throughout the world.

Thanks to Sauta Rabel he has won the Premio Tenco for the best debut, while the live activity has brought him to perform virtually throughout Europe, in many North African countries, in the Middle East, in South America and in Japan.

For Mondadori he has published Mistic Turistic (food, travel and mirages) and has realized at the same time with Mescal the musical echo Moleskine Ballads.

Author and main character of numerous musical events of great impact such as R@dio Trance, Marrakech Connection, PiemontAfrique, SlowFood/Terra Madre, he has brought his own experience in a “residence” lost in the hills of the Langhe, that besides hosting artists of every sort, has generated his 1st real solo work: the energetic album Vox Creola.

The sonorities are acoustic and electric and extending from flamenco to electrocumbia, from reggae to spaghetti western, to steam punk.

The lyrics tell stories about physical and mental drift, street Madonnas, hope journeys, social injustices, dangerous Piedmontese sheiks, processions that change into public riots.

- His never-ending migrations, in 2013 have brought him in Mescal which has re-printed Vox Creola even on vynil, including, to celebrate the return of Luca to the Piedmontese label, the very new and unedited Babilonia Canta -  and at the end of May 2014, in Puglia (for the 2nd consecutive year) main protagonist of La Notte delle 100 Chitarre.