Genre: Noir Wave Rock
Last book: Scintilla (Feltrinelli / 30 May 2013)
Last record: Scintilla (Mescal / September 2013)





Lory Muratti is an emotional artist. Musician and writer, son of the art dealer Andrea Muratti and of the dancer Helen Bresson, was born in Varese 1977; maybe also thanks the dna received in heritage, he is a character so multi-faceted that can we can compare his artistic inspiration and curiosity to a kaleidoscope.

 Raised by the “Tiberio” family that adopts him from birth due the premature death of the natural mother, he acquires from the latter also the surname and publishes books and records hiding for about a decade behind the alias “Tibe”.

With the work Hotel Lamemoria, edited in Italy by Mondadori he creates a new way to communicate through music and literature that blend in his stories like two souls of the same creation. Of the artists that have cooperated with him, appear, amongst others Leo Abrahams, Krisma, Lorne Lanning and Emidio Clementi. His musical arrangements in the art world have brought him up to the Luminale Frankfurt 2010 and to the Biennale di Venezia 2011. In his previous literary and musical publications it is possible to track excerpts of a family life never until now officially shared.

- His latest work, Scintilla – has been initially an e-Book edited by Feltrinelli and now an album published by Mescal, anticipated by the single Angeli and accompanied in its publishing – 17 Settembre – by 70 Ellissi, inspiring track of a video that will leave you astonished for beauty and originality, where Love and Psyche chase each other and are in turn chased by sloth, pride, envy, rage and stinginess while trying to convince through food the black Signora. 70 Ellissi is an original and brave single where the writing recalls traditions linkable to a certain dark songwriting and at the same time full of hope, like some episodes of Tom Waits or of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The book and the album are inspired to the life of the author: nine are the chapters to read and nine are also the songs to listen. Dark witnesses create hypnotic and captivating sound carpets on which to travel – like in a tale of the past days  - through the States on the footsteps of the Beat Generation till arriving to Burning Man for a redeeming ritual made of sounds, voices, words and fire tongues that also in their driest version is possible to trace in the 3rd video/single of Io Mento.

Now going back home, as the video in the last single, Il Giorno dei Giorni, tells, with which the chase of the unsetting Scintilla ends, going back home to then to leave again, towards London where  Lory Muratti-  maybe still supported by Leo Abrahams – searches a new artistic path in order to “give oneself a meaning”.