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Last Record: erbamatta (Mescal / 30th October)





Lorenzo Palmeri is a musician and a designer. A unique figure in the Italian situation.

Tireless tester, he founds a studio/laboratory in which the two disciplines meet and sometime embrace each other.

As a designer he has worked for the most important firms, becoming one of the prominent exponents of the new Italian design and designing in different areas: from interior design to industrial products, form the artistic management of various firms to the chocolates for Ernst Knam. His projects have been exhibited in the museums throughout the world; he has won various awards and has been called to teach and/or give lectures in the most important Italian and foreign universities.

Lorenzo Palmeri is therefore first of all a designer and it is really in the transversal “designer” class that music and design meet, giving life to facts such as “Paraffina”, aluminium guitar, exposed in different design museums, that has become Lou Reed’s favourite that has later dedicated to it the cover of his book “The Lou Reed Songbook”.

In the music area he has written soundtracks for theatre, performance and setups. Of the various side projects, his duet concerts with the Maestro Elio Marchesini (percussionist of La Scala) with ambient and experimental music tracks.

With a classical education and great passion for the pop languages, he has written the album “preparativi per la pioggia”, his first collection of songs published in 2009. The records claims the cooperation of prestigious guests such as Saturnino at the bass, Livio and Andy of Bluvertigo and Franco Battiato with which he duets in the single “qualsiasi spinta”. Out of “preparativi per la pioggia” a video for the song “neroblu” and a “videogame” used as the launch of the duet with Franco Battiato have been extracted.

Lorenzo Palmeri returns today with “erbamatta”, a visionary project that merges the two worlds of the author. erbamatta is a record made up of twelve tracks written and arranged by Lorenzo Palmeri and rich of guests/partners/friends: Saturnino at the bass, Davide Ferrario at the guitar and at the electronic (besides at the artistic production), the Lovecats, Gaetano Cappa e Pacifico with which he duets in the first single “memorie selettive”; on radio rotation    from 02 September 2014.


january, 2018

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