Genre: PoeticRock / Pop
Last record: Nuove Esperienze Sul Vuoto (Mescal / September 2010)




LeLe Battista, multi-instrumentalist author and performer, gifted of a voice that well adapts to the term “poetry”, is born with La Sintesi, band that realizes two albums: L’eroe Romantico and Un curioso caso, presented in San Remo through the track Ho mangiato la mia ragazza.

After the dissolution of the group, LeLe Battista, feed to the press his first and wonderful solo album, Le Ombre, published by Mescal and realized with the loyal Giorgio Mastrocola (former La Sintesi) as well as produced partly by Celso Valli. Of the various projects realized, also a sound track for Lo stallo, film of Silvia Ferreri.

Various are the collaborations, most of them prestigious ones. An example above all: Last Minute, forerunner of excellent profile of the album of Ivano Fossati, Musica Moderna, contains besides the original, six versions of other young artists, through which LeLe Battista stands out, that were chosen by the Genovese Maestro judging them the most interesting part of the future of Italian music. In September 2010 Mescal has published the 2nd solo chapter entitled Nuove Esperienze sul Vuoto, from which three single have been extracted: Il Nido, Blocco del Traffico and L’Arte di essere Felici while Profondamente Dentro has been inserted in the compilation Indie Pride, project against homophobia, freely downloadable from the XL site.

The live dates rich of atmosphere, have been partly hosted Morgan’s Tour (with which he has cooperated both on and down stage) while his talent as a pianist has showed everywhere, including at the historical Blue Note of Milano, within the live performance of Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi & Violante Placido, with whom he carries on his collaboration both live and in studio, at work on the forthcoming publication of Viola’s second album.



january, 2018

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