Genre: Twilight music
Last record: Tutto T’orna (Mescal / 24th June 2014)




Fabio Cinti: musician, writer, singer songwriter, born in 1977.

After a period in Rome, during which he publishes – with the artistic support of the poet Mauro MazzettiMusica per lavare i piatti, in 2009 Fabio Cinti moves to Milan, and in that year he writes the preface of the re-edition of Dissoluzione, a collection of poems of Marco Morgan Castoldi, with which he has meanwhile inaugurated a rich cooperation that starts from a solid friendship.

In October of 2010 the single Bow House is released which anticipates the album L’Esempio delle Mele produced by Fabio Cinti with Danilo Lo Santo and Giovanni Mancini; the album contains three tracks produced by Morgan and a track with the lyrics of Pasquale Panella; the five videos that accompany the same singles are all directed by Simone Di Turo that also takes care of the graphic project of the opera (and will continue to cooperate in that way also on the successive record).

After the release of his first record, Fabio Cinti also takes care of artistic productions and of writing for others while he carries on with the production work to his second album that will be released exactly at one year from the first with the executive production of some fans- sponsors, unique situation that pre-empts – in Italy -  the crowd funding times.

In May 2012 Il Minuto Secondo is released, where supporting his seven unreleased, Fabio Cinti tries also the arrangement of some well-known classic tracks and not only; tracks bound to memory, to the passion of feelings that compose an album that has been accepted in an excellent manner by the audience and critics.


At the end of 2012, edited by Trantran Editore, Un anno d’amor(gan) is released, development novel dedicated to the friend Marco Castoldi that tells about the relationship between the pupil and the teacher that Fabio has himself experimented in the past years near the former Bluvertigo. It is of 2013 instead that his tale “La Buca” included in “Le cose cambiano” (ISBN Edizioni/Corriere della sera), Italian version and translation of the international project against bullying and homophobia “It Gets Better”.

Always in 2013 Franco Battiato entrusts him the openings of some dates of his Apriti Sesamo Tour and in autumn of the same year (15th October) Mecal publishes Madame Ugo. For the artistic production of this third album, the inseperable Giovanni Mancini and Lele Battista have sustained Fabio Cinti with which Fabio in 2012 has founded Il Gruppo Corrente composed also by Davide Ferrario and by Yuri Beretta; the album has been anticipated by the single Devo, written by Franco Battiato and entrusted for the interpretation of Fabio Cinti; (feat. Davide Ferrario) while in August it has been greeted with the second album – with the most appropriate title. Summer ends…. finally in October the video of Dicono di Noi has been broadcast over the net, direction debut for Fabio Cinti; the song has been hosted with full rights in the Indie Pride compilation (Music and Artists against homophobia) and inserted in the ten nominations of the Premio Amnesty International Italia 2014.

Amongst concerts and introductions the idea of “taking stock of the situation” on what has been realized in music assumes a form in the artist; so Tutto t’orna is born: eleven songs proposed again with unedited arrangements for piano, string quartet and guitar (acoustic and lap steel). Recorded live in Studio 2 by Francesco Bruni, Tutto t’orna is available from the 24th June 2014 in digital and vinyl version (limited edition).

For the artistic production Fabio Cinti has availed himself of the cooperation and of the direction of the Maestro Carlo Carcano, while for the arrangements he has availed himself of the experience of the violinist Matteo Panetto; guests of Tutto T’orna are also Andrea Vizzini (piano) and The Lovecats (choir).



january, 2018

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