Genre: Electronic/ Pop
Last Record: Fake world (Btwisted Rec.)
Last Book: Toc Toc – Storie di bambini, magie e capricci (Giunti)




Keyboards player and co-founder of Subsonica (6 albums, 4 platin platinum discs, 1 gold disc, 2 MTV European Music Awards), dj, producer (working for the most prestigious dance labels, of which Mantra, Ocean Dark, Stereo Seven, Toast Hawaii, Btwisted, etc…) and remixer (Placebo, Skin, Client, Moby and the only one in Italy for Depeche Mode), has played behind every European console.

He dived in projects diametrically opposed to each other like Iconoclash and Caesar Palace and has composed tracks for Mina, Malika Ayene and Skin of the Skunk Anansie.

He is an artistic producer – recently at work on the album of Erica Mou – and writer, with an under the belt experience of 4 books, the last of which is his first dedicated to the children; leader writer (la stampa, repubblica and in a short while wired), former artistic director of the Salone del Libro for Bookstock (dedicated to the readings of the youth), today he is also a nonfiction editor with ADD editore (amonst others, Di sana e robusta Costituzione: un dibattito a due voci tra il procuratore capo della Repubblica Giancarlo Caselli e l’ex capo dello Stato Oscar Luigi Scalfaro).

He has spoken in radio on m2o about music and crimes really happened and shared the experience in FM with Benedetta Mazzini on Rai Radio2.

scriptwriter and movie director – in cooperation with Chiara Pacilli – Surfin’ Torino,  actor in Ho Visto Cose, new documentary on Magical Turin of which Boosta takes care of all the original music.

An artist of such energy and curiosity cannot ignore television: after the experience of the 25a Ora Il Cinema Espanso on La7, from January 2013 he is the face of SKY ARTE HD, the new cultural channel of SKY; with SKY he creates the program entitled Boo(k)sta: Libri in musica where he speaks about his favourite books in an unusual way, composing each time an inedited sound track for each book.

- Through the recent projects in time order, Boosta inspired by the X-Men saga, has dedicated a track to the main character Wolverine, entitled L’immortale, that the 20th Century Fox has used – after falling in love with it – to promote the movie in Italy, while on the DJ Set front, thanks to his being international, has created with the Circle Garage engineers, an innovative and exclusive PLAYSCREEN: that is a new way of making electronic music. A transparent screen of two metres between the audience and the dj is the only instrument on stage. In real time, under everyone’s eyes, the song’s waveform assumes life, is modified, is seen as starting, changing, finishing e being replaced by the one of the following track. All this at the touch of 10 fingers. The dancehall looks and dances. No more console. No cursors. Only the future.


january, 2018

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