Photographs by: AGNESE RONGONI

Genre: Folk-Rock
Last record: Giorni dell’Eden (Mescal / November 2012)

Luca Lanzi: voice, acoustic guitar and banjo
Sauro Lanzi: accordion, trumpet, trombone and thin whistle
Massimiliano Gregorio: bass
Fabrizio Morganti: drums and percussions
Andreas Petermann: violin
Riccardo Dellocchio: electric guitar, dobro and steel guitar





Three quinquenniums of constant work for a band that has made of social issues the hub around which rotates its creativity. Twelve productions between albums and special projects; this is the record path of one of the most consistent on our scene. To come to aid the operative core from the far 1999, a swarm of musicians, actors and artists of various kinds. Among all, Patti Smith, in the last years has elected them as her absolute Italic preferences in 2011, as authentication of what happened during their stage sharing in Firenze, Milano, Bolzano and Paris the previous year, (to support the Emergency cause, to which the entire profit of the CD sale is given) has been published by Emergency, Seeds in the wind, extraordinary documento of the artistic and human meeting between Casa del Vento and Patti Smith, accompanied by her all-time guitarist Lenny Kaye; five songs through peace, tenderness, justice and poetry. After having contributed with her for the production of Seneca and Costantine’s Dream – included in Banga – they have found each other the 26th July 2012, initially inside the Basilica di San Francesco di Arezzo for a reading ispired to the opera of Piero Della Francesca and then in the evening in Montevarchi (AR), where Patti Smith has shared with 4 tracks the concert of Casa Del Vento for the East / West Festival. The live adventure repente itself a few days later in Piazza del Campo in Siena (31.08.2012).

Non to lose the thread of this cooperative texture, Lenny Kaye also participates in the title track of Giorni dell’Eden that Mescal has published the 27th November 2012. In addition to the abovementioned guitar-man, in this new album, we find the always loyal Francesco “Fry” Moneti (MCR), in addition to the Moroccan rapper Youss Yakuza, Francesco Chimenti (Sycamore Age), Violante Placido aka Viola and Daniele Sanzone (A67) main character with Casa del Vento in the 1st single, L’inferno e la bellezza. In 2014 Casa del Vento celebrates its 20 year carreer and do so with a very special boxed set,  to be released in september; 1 CD + 1 DVD strictly live; the audio/video document will contain not only the deeds of the natives from Arezzo, but also a long series of guests that already in these years have accompanied them both in studio and on stage!


january, 2018

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