Photographs by: Maurizio Camagna


Marco Morgan Castoldi: voice and bass
Andy Fluon: choir and sax
Sergio Carnevale: drums
Livio Magnini: guitar



In 1999 – two years since the previous work – the last chapter of the “chemical trilogy” of BLUVERTIGO, ZERO – that is the famous snowfall in 1985, was published, the last piece of a very articulate project on sounds and image celebrated in 1995 with Acidi e Basi and continued in 1997 with Metallo non Metallo. The “chemical trilogy” ends with the Z for Zero, almost to suggest and to portend a resetting.

A best of (Pop Tools) and a trilogy of Sabbatical quinquenniums, interrupted with short visits in the common own territory by Marco “Morgan” Castoldi, Andy Fluon, Livio Magnini and Sergio Carnevale.

15 years of artistic autonomy would be too long to list and in order to avoid mere “shopping lists”, we can rightly recall Morgan dealing with Fabrizio De Andrè and Judge of X Factor, producer, interpreter and main character of long tours accompanied by Sagome, a band in which also Sergio Carnevale was recognizable that besides with Marco Castoldi has cooperated with Max Gazzè, Mao, Lele Battista, Baustelle, Max Pezzali and the Superband (Mtv, XFactor, etc…) alternating at the drums the dj sets and the sound furnishing for the designer Tom Rebl; the Dj Set is an art that Andy also shares for years, if painting and the relative exhibitions, the sax, the keyboards, the Fluon and the cooperation with other artist leave him the time to “waste time at the console”; among the various artistic cooperation, his presence in the Rezophonic project must be remembered, mutant group in which also Livio Magnini is active, strategist of Jatlag, producer of  as many as three albums of Giorgia and sound engineer, amongst others with The Bloody Beetroots, with which he has shared – between 2010 and 2011 – a world tour through 192 steps; of the numerous live, we can remember the Coachella and the Lollapalooza Festival.

Now the four “golden boys” of Italian music are ready to present themselves again on stage, for a series of events with the historical repertoire and with the regained desire of having fun and of entertaining.

For this is not the usual reunion and it is not a rewind; it’s the BLUEVERTIGO FASTOUR.




january, 2018

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